Popular patina

patina POPULAR

Important to consider:

• The minimum age to participate in the People patinated is 8 years old on test day.
• All participants under 18 They must present the "official AUTHORIZATION FOR MINORS" you will find in the registration section of the official website of the event. further, All participants under 16 years must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult of 18 years (parents, family, monitor, etc).
• The tour has a distance of 6,000m, to which participants must give back.
• The maximum duration for the test will be 60 minutes.

Popular patinated by the following rules shall be governed:

The race

The 6th International Skating Marathon Madrid, It will be held 23 June 2019. In the event a Popular patinated set, which will be held the same day, When setting out to 13:00h. The organizing committee reserves the right to make modifications it considers appropriate for the proper operation thereof. All participants, by the fact formalize the registration, accept these rules and, in case of technical claims, They are subject to the decision of the Organizing Committee.


The use of rigid helmet is mandatory. The protections are highly recommended.

Bib numbers

The dorsal is set in the left leg, so that it is completely visible.

Timetable + travel

The output of the skaters will be given to 13:00h.

The start and finish will be located in the Plaza de Colón. It shall be made 1 round 6.000 meters, for which, participants will have 60 minutes to complete. Participants who fail to finish the distance in the allotted time must leave the course of the test.

a maximum time is established for the People skated 60 minutes, closing the goal to 14:00 hours.


This is not a slip competitive, so no prizes will be awarded to the absolute winners or by category.


Since it is a popular patinated, noncompetitive, no categories of any kind are set.

Minimum requirements

Popular patinated International Skating Marathon Madrid is a march that requires adequate physical and technical level skater, and know how to behave in road group.

The minimum age to take part is 8 years.

All the Participants under 16 years must go, at all times, accompanied by an adult greater than 18 years.

a maximum time is established for the People skated 60 minutes, closing the goal to 14:00 hours.


It is strictly forbidden to take advantage aspiration of motor vehicles, bikes, etc., and fuck any of them, It is grounds for expulsion test.


Every participant enrolled in the Popular patinated International Skating Marathon Madrid agrees to abide by all the rules of this Regulation, and especially with respect to abandon the test when judges or members of the organization feel that their technical or physical level is not adequate, or when the set time to end the test has been met. Similarly skaters submit unsportsmanlike conduct or present a risk for the other participants will be disqualified.


The circuit will be completely closed to traffic and the only vehicles that can follow the race will be designated by the Organization duly authorized and identified.


All officially registered participants will be covered by an insurance policy, arranged by the Organization, which will cover accidents that occur as a direct result of test development.


Only officially registered participants, proving pregnant by the official and original dorsal career, They shall be entitled to enjoy any of the career services installed along the course or at the finish (provisioning, healthcare, wardrobe, etc). They must take, left leg, at all times and without bending, altering or manipulating the original dorsal delivered by the event organizers. The organization does not allow participation or input to the circuit of people who do not meet the above requirements or who participate in the race without dorsal or counterfeit, expelling the same at the time they are detected.

You may not use headphones during the race, to hear the instructions of the judges and what happens in the competition.


  • Endanger the physical integrity of other skaters or staff of the organization
  • Participate with the number assigned to another participant
  • Entering goal without dorsal
  • Alter or conceal advertising dorsal
  • Do not run with the original assigned for this edition dorsal throughout the tour
  • Provide or facilitate dorsal (this or any other edition) other riders
  • Do not follow the instructions of the Organization
  • Not leaving the circuit once they reach the 14:00 hours. This indication will be made by the staff organization located in the path and Municipal Police.

Once you made the entry will be forfeited to claim the registration fee if you wanted to cancel. If for reasons of force majeure, outside the organization (storms, earthquakes, etc.), the event has to be suspended, no registration fees will be returned, proceeding to save entries for the following year.
Any situation not covered by these rules, It is governed in accordance with the provisions of the General Rules of Competitions Spanish Skating Federation.


The distribution of advertising of other entities or clubs that have not contacted the organization is prohibited, and its static advertising event day.