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The International Skating Marathon Madrid Grand Prix IBERCAJA will hold its fifth edition Sunday 24 June 2018, a completely urban circuit that will run in the streets of the city of Madrid.

This competition is intended for both professionals and amateurs, and aims educate skaters and pedestrians on good knowledge and application of road safety rules, favoring coexistence between. A day in which every participant will be protagonists and will exchange views and share their career experience.

The circuit will run entirely within the Chamartin district meetings, Salamanca Chamberí, with route that goes from Plaza de Colon to Plaza de Castilla. further, Skaters will have an area of ​​departure and arrival with complementary activities to the event.


TheInternational Madrid Inline Skate Marathon – Ibercaja Grand Prix celebrates its 5th edition onSunday June 24th, 2018, on a very urban circuit that runs through the streets in the wonderful city of Madrid.

This competition is designed as much for professionals as it is for avid fans. It`s objective is to make skaters and pedestrians alike more knowledgeable and conscious about road safety regulations. It is an event where all participants are protagonists and can exchange thoughts and experiences on the course.

The route will go through various streets in the neighborhoods of Chamartín, Salamanca and Chamberí while sttrating off in Plaza de Colon and going to Plaza de Castilla. In addition, skaters will have complementary activites at both the starting point as well as the finish.