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Important to keep in mind:
• The minimum age to participate in the free skate is 8 years of age celebrated by the day of the event.
• All the participants under the age of 18 should present the “OFFICIAL AUTHORIZATION FOR MINORS” that can be found in the registration section of the event’s official website. Furthermore, all participants under the age of 16 should be accompanied at all times by a responsible party over the age of 18 (parents, family members, instructor, etc.).
• The track has a distance of 6.000m, in which participants should perform one lap.
• The maximum duration to finish the event will be 45 minutes.

The Free Skate adheres to the following regulations:

Article 1: The Event
The 5th International Madrid Skating Marathon Grand Prix IBERCAJA will take place on the 24th of June, 2018. As part of the event, there will be a Free Skate, which will also take place that same day with a start time of 12:00. The organizing committee reserves the right to make modifications for the betterment of the event. All participants, as a result of their registration accept the following regulations and, in the case of technical reclamations, will submit to the decisions of the Organizing Committee.

Article 2: Protections
The use of a helmet is mandatory. Forms of protection are highly recommended.

Article 3: Bib Number
The bib number shall be placed on the left leg in a manner which is completely visible.

Article 4: Hours + Route
The skaters will commence at 12:00.
The start and finish will be located at Plaza de Colón. It will consist of one 6.000m lap which the participants will have 60 minutes to complete. The participants that are not able to complete the distance within this time frame will have to abandon the event. The finish line for participants will close at 12:45.

Article 5: Prizes
This is NOT a competitive skate. As such, the victors will not be receiving prizes regardless of category.

Article 6: Categories
Because this is NOT a competitive skate, there will not be any established categories.

Article 7: Minimum Requirements
The Free Skate of the International Madrid Skating Marathon is an event that requires an adequate level of physical fitness as well as skating skill, such as being able to conduct oneself in a group while on the track.
The minimum age to take part in this event is 8 years old.
All participants under the age of 16 should be accompanied at all times by an adult over the age of 18.
The maximum time allotted to complete the distance of the event is 45 minutes, with the finish line closing at 12:45.

Article 8: Security
It is prohibited to use the help of any motor vehicles, bicycles, etc., such as grabbing hold of any of them. This will be punished with expulsion from the event.

Article 9: Norms
All registered participants in the Free Skate of the International Madrid Skating Marathon promise to respect the all the norms of these PRESENT regulations, especially in regard to abandoning the event if the judges or members of the organization consider that one’s skill or physical level is not adequate, or when the allotted time limit for the event has been reached. By the same token, participants who demonstrate a nonsporting attitude or present a risk for other participants will also be disqualified.

Article 10: Vehicles
The circuit will be entirely closed off from traffic and the only vehicles that will be permitted to follow the event are those designated by the Organization that are both authorized and identified.

Article 11: Insurance
All officially registered participants will be covered by an insurance policy, provided by the Organization, which will cover the accidents that occur as a direct result of the happenings of the event.

Article 12: Disqualifications
Only those participants who have officially registered, and can prove this through the original and official bib number of the event will have the right to enjoy any of the services of the event put in place throughout route and the finish line (refreshments, sanitary assistance, changing rooms, etc.) These individuals should wear their original bib numbers given to them by the organization the day of the event on their left leg at all times without bending, altering, or manipulating it. The organization will not allow the participation or entrance to the circuit for individuals that have not completely adhered to the aforementioned requirements or that participate in the event without a bib number or one that has been falsified. They will be expelled the moment they are discovered.
The use of headphones is prohibited so that all can hear the indications of the judges and what is happening throughout the course of the competition.

• Endanger the physical integrity of other participants or the organization’s personnel.
• Participate with a bib number assigned to another participant
• Enter the event without a bib number
• Alter or hide the bib number
• Run without the original bib number assigned for this edition of the event throughout the entire event
• Give or facilitate the use of their bib number (of this edition or otherwise) to other participants
• Do not abandon the event once the allotted time limit has been reached at 13:00. This indication will be made known via the personnel of the Organization situated throughout the course as well as Municipal Police.

Once officially registered, the individual loses the right reclaim the registration fee if they so desire to cancel it. If due to natural causes (storm, earthquake, etc.) the event has to be suspended, the registration fee will not be returned, instead it will be saved as the individual’s registration fee for the following year.
Any situation not written within these norms is subject to the discretion of the General Rules of Competition of the Spanish Federation of Skating.

Article 13: Publication
The sharing of publication, such as that of elements of the day of the event, for other entities or clubs that have not contacted the organization for prior authorization is strictly prohibited.

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