5th Madrid International Rollerblading Marathon Grand Prix Ibercaja

Do you rollerblade? Would you like to experience the streets of Madrid? The 5th edition of the Madrid International Marathon of Rollerblading Grand Prix Ibercaja is here!

Sunday, the 24th of June there will be an event for all those who enjoy rollerblading and wish to roll through our wonderfully dynamic city. 

The 5th Madrid International Marathon of Rollerblading Grand Prix Ibercaja is an event where fun and competition are one with the objective of promoting rollerblading within the city in a controlled and safe manner. Level of experience is not an issueas there are three forms to participate based on your individual skill level of rollerblading:

Popular Skate

  • Date: Sunday, June 24th
  • Start time: 9:00 

If you are of basic/intermediate skill level and would like to accompany younger rollerbladers (starting at 8 years old) this is the place for you! Go for a relaxed ride throughout a 6 kilometer closed circuit which you can enjoy with all those who share your same  passion for rollerblading.

It will truly be a rollerblading fiesta!

*The MIPM is a humanitarian event, and as such, will allocate 50% of the enrollment of the Popular Skate event to an entity or social work organization with the objective of helping those who need it most.

Marathon and 24K

  • Date: Sunday, June 24th
  • Start time: 10:30

If you live for adrenaline and competition, you are of advanced skill level and are at least 16 years of age for the marathon  or at least 14 years of age for the 24K, do not hesitate to take part in either of these two events! You will have the opportunity to ride alongside the best and get the most out of your rollerblades.

Fly through the streets of Madrid!

To find out more about the course for the events, closely read the rules and regulations where you will find the different forms of participation, as well as anything else related to the course and ways to register.

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